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After living in the UK for almost 25+ years, we decided it was time to come home to Canada and specifically Alberta. When we had lived in England I had used Bald’s Original Furniture Balm on our furniture. The Balm is based on a medieval recipe and incorporates natural monastic oils which revive, replenish, and feed the wood. I never used any other products on our furniture. After trying SEVERAL brands of furniture polish here in Canada, I contacted Balm’s and requested an immediate delivery. The climate in Alberta can be cruel to antique and quality furniture, wood needs to be nourished. in our dry climate. Several deliveries later, I was asked by Balm’s if we would be interested in being the Canadian distributor for their products. After much contemplation and discussion with my family, we decided that this was a real opportunity. This is a product that I know and believe in, and I am proud to be able to import to our country.
Dawn Godfrey


Bald's Balm was created when Mark Bond set up his own online antique and reproduction business. During the process of restoring these antiques, Mark developed a mixture that restored wood and had a lovely arouma. Over time, so many customers were asking for Mark's mixture he realized the Balm could be a success on its own. This is when "Balds Balm" was born.
Much like the birth of the product, the opportunity to import Balds Balm from the UK came from a genuine love of furniture and desire for the highest quality product. After realizing it was not possible to find a product in Canada as good as Balds Balm, many oversees purchases were made (at great expense). Now we proudly import Balds Balm from the UK for purchase in North America.
Ciaran Godfrey


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