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Frequentley Asked Questions


Why Bald's Balm?

- Bald's Balm was created by Mark Bond, who has spent over 30 years working with fine furniture.

- Mark saw that the increase in technology has introduced silicone and aerosol sprays which, while fine superficially, do not help with the long term care of wood.

- His research led to a number of traditional treatments, some originating in the Middle Ages. Bald's Balm uses a blend of the best traditional and 21st Century techniques in order to care for your wooden furniture both short term and long term.


What is the difference between the Red top and Green top?

- The Red top is for dark woods (i.e. Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, etc) and the Green top is for light woods (i.e. Pine, Yew, Teak, etc).


How do I apply the Balm?

- The best way is to appply the Balm onto a soft cotton (or microfibre) cloth and wipe the cloth in the direction of the grain


How long will it last?

- A long time!

- If you apply the Balm onto a cotton (or microfibre) cloth and keep this in a plastic bag when you are not using it, the cloth will keep the oils on it and you can use it again and again to clean and dust your wood and wooden furniture.


Is there anything harmful in it?

- No

- The product is made from natural oils and ingredients.


Does it get rid of Ring Marks and Watermarks?

- Yes, but we cannot guarentee that it will remove all marks as each and every mark is different and every finish is different.

- Put Bald's Balm on a soft cotton cloth and wipe the cloth in the direction of the grain, not the mark. If it doesn't remove it first time, go back a week later and try again. Repeat this after 2-3 months if the mark is still there.

- If this does not work, the only option left is to strip and re-polish or re-wax the item.


Can you Wax or French Polish on top of the Balm?

- Yes!

- By applying the Balm on top of already waxed wood you have the added benefit that you won't have to wax as often as the wax will go hard again when you apply the balm.

- If you have wood "in the white" (with nothing on it) you can apply the balm, let it soak it and put either french polish or wax on top.


Will it work on wooden floors?

- Yes!
- Apply in the direction of the grain and let it soak in. If there is any residue then simply wipe away with another soft cloth


Can the balm be used on garden furniture?

- Yes!

- Application of the Balm will stop rain water/melted snow from entering the wood


Why would I use the wax in preference to the Balm?

- The wax gives your wood a long lasting shine and need only be applied accasionally


Can the wax be used in conjunction with the Balm?

- Yes!

- The Balm should be applied first, left to soak in the wood, and then the wax can be applied as instructed on the jar.

- However, the Balm can still be applied on top of the wax as it will sink through into the wood and the wax will reseal.


How do I apply the Wax?

- The wax should be applied using a soft cotton cloth. Leave to dry, and then use another cloth to buff to get the shine.



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